Repair and Replacement Services for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

If you need your broken phone repaired fast, send it to My Cracked iPhone. I pride myself on quickly assessing the damage to your phone and fixing it with a 24-hour turnaround time guaranteed. The result of using my service is a beautifully repaired mobile device in full working order, shipped back to you for free.


I am able to repair or replace a number of components on any Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy model:

  • Cracked/damaged/shattered screen repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging port & headphone jack repair or replacement
  • Water damage

Convenient, Trustworthy Phone Fixes in 24 Hours

I have the parts and the technical know-how to fix up your device like new, and I am a very convenient and trustworthy repair source. For an affordable, fast phone repair with a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time and free return shipping, call or email My Cracked iPhone to receive a quote on your repair.