Over 50 Years Experience in Repairing Electronic Devices

My Cracked iPhone is the best choice for repairing damaged screens, batteries or charging ports on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. I’m Mel Chandler and I’ve been in the electronics repair business for over 50 years, so you know you can trust my technical knowledge and ability to repair your phone the right way.

From TVs to VCRs to Touch-Screen Phones

I started in this business by repairing television sets, but nowadays televisions are often thrown away if they break or stop functioning properly. Since TV repair shops are very rare in present-day society, if they still exist, I then moved on to fixing VCRs. Once this appliance became obsolete, I figured the next logical step of technological advancement was entering into the cell phone repair and screen replacement industry. This is how I eventually became the owner of My Cracked iPhone, based in Seaford, Delaware. 

Fix Cracked Screens & Replace Dead Batteries in 24 Hours

Don’t lament the fact that you're disconnected from the world because you don't have a phone. Send your broken or cracked phone to me and I’ll have it fixed for you within 24 hours after you send it to me! Once you pay for your repair, I will even ship your phone back to you for free.


I have the technical skills to easily replace cracked or shattered screens, fix charging ports and headphone jacks, and replace dead batteries on any model iPhone or Samsung Galaxy you own.


Get your phone fixed like new without having to go through your phone’s manufacturer. Ship your cracked or damaged phone to My Cracked iPhone today, and receive your phone in working order tomorrow! Simply call or email me to get a quote on your repair. If your phone has substantial water damage, I will give you an estimate when I receive your device.